Ya never know how fast things can change or how to prepare

Yesterday was a bit chaotic however soothing, and a few other words that I just can’t seem to pick out just yet. We got a call the other night by some family that basically said, “Hi I’m on my way, we’re gonna stay with you a while”, well that made our nerves tweak a bit. I personally don’t do change well and something last minute such as that, well I’ve mentally been doing backflips. So you know the plans we had to extend our bike room and gym? Well over a few hours yesterday I ended up moving our bike room and gym out of the gym to make the old gym a temporary bedroom while magically making all of our bikes and gym equipment fit wherever it could be fit. What a day it was….

So not only did I have to remodel our home yesterday I had the horrible task of trying to stream on Twitch yesterday while once again dealing with their slack service, the good news is that headache is over; Twitch is no longer a site that we will use. We have way too many real things in life to attend to than to try and sit in our chairs. So now the house is ready and we even bought the last minute bus tickets yesterday. OMG, don’t ever buy a bus ticket for GreyHound!

So we purchased to reserved seats and sent the e-tickets via e-mail, about 2 hours after our family was supposed to be on the bus we got a call. The bus pulled into the stop then let 3 people off and refused to let anyone on the bus due to them being behind schedule and left all of the passengers who had a ticket to be riding that bus. So the 3rd party bus company “Bustang” gave everyone a new ticket which would put our family in the position to wait another day (thus having to have motels) with everyone wondering will Greyhound do this crap again? What a day right!

Well the upside to all of the chaotic stuff that has been taking place is Annika and I have family going to be visiting us for a while, and we both are not used to ever having visitors. We will for a little while be sticking to our schedule as best as we can considering adjustments, however, we will have the family to take hiking and biking with us which makes all of this awesome. So once again, a lot of nuttiness that brought more happiness and fun times into our lives.

So what to take from this?

  • Never buy a Greyhound Bus Ticket.
  • Don’t waste time using Twitch
  • Make the best of all situations
  • Family comes first
  • Motel and Bus station Clerks in Colorado are High.

Have an epic day everyone and we wish you all an epic adventure today. Thanks for the support and we look forward to sharing another post tomorrow. I may do some Zwift today, not sure depends on how the morning goes.


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    1. something about the driver being an asshole. he didn’t want to be late since he couldn’t do his job well enough already. he left 6 other passengers so a total of 8 people the bus driver refused to pick up.

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