Still dealing with Greyhound and trying to get family here

It’s been an off few days since we bought the bus tickets for the family to ride on Greyhound, we highly advise to never use Greyhound at all. 2 days now and Greyhound has only made it from Frisco Colorado to Denver. The day we bought the tickets the bus driver arrives in a rush and refuses to pick anyone up which in turn causes Greyhound to give new tickets for the next day which we had to pay for motels to wait another day. Yesterday (Friday, January 12th, 2019) the bus picked them up on time and made it to Denver to the transfer and the transfer bus had a fan belt break causing the bus to be leaving out to Albuquerque to be an hour later before leaving. In route to Albuquerque, the bus had to turn around in Pueblo Colorado due to highway 20 being closed because of snow which in turn made the Greyhound go back to Denver. So two days later and our family hasn’t made it further than 80ish miles however Greyhound makes their money on all the passengers who paid to be somewhere and aren’t responsible for any of the mess they’ve caused?

Our family members are still at the Greyhound in Denver Colorado and you better believe that when they make it here we’re gonna look into what can be done to Greyhound for their horrible business standards. Today the bus is supposed to leave out from Denver at 7am and hopefully, they will arrive within the next 30ish hours. As for a rating on Greyhound 1 out of 5 stars! 

On the bright side of things and yes there is always a bright side to everything. We will be chilling with our family members soon and after a few days of everyone getting settled in life will be chill and back to sort of normal again. Annika and I are looking forward to some family outings as a group, a bit of hiking, biking, and maybe some bikepacking together.

So bare with us over the next few days as things get normalized at least to some extent. Have an epic adventure day and huge hugs to our Patreons supports and you for taking the time to read our updates.

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