Can’t wait till we can bike and hike, hopefully, Sunday

Since the 10th of January when we bought the Greyhound bus ticket things have been difficult around here to organize or schedule due to the unexpected changes that continued hourly with that horrible travel system. Never again will we purchase a Greyhound bus ticket for anyone, walking is much better! Every few hours we’ve had to alter any plans that we would be making as that’s how often things have changed with arrival time if the bus would arrive and so on; so it’s been awkward to stay focused to be able to ride our bikes. The upside is by the time you read this our family has already gotten here and we all will be sleeping in a little.

The game plan once everyone is caught up to the same schedule or at least rested up enough to get back to functioning is to get right back on the bike and push hard. We’re gonna be taking more family-based hikes and bike rides as we have some nice quality family time in between work and mile goals. It’s gonna be an even more awesome year that we had counted on.

Over the last few days, we’ve reorganized our entire condo so that we have the room to have guests and now it looks even more like a bike and toy warehouse in here. We posted a few photos and videos to Lens on our Patreon for our supporters. On the topic of Patreon, we also joined Ko-fi to have additional options for those who want to support or get involved in what we’re doing. With Ko-fi it allows supporters the option to support on a single one-time basis or to subscribe monthly; very cool stuff. Other than setting that up and keeping things going on our website etc, we’ve been moving everything and filling every available corner with bikes and collectible toys; it feels like work has not stopped since the 10th.

We have made it a point to swing into friends live streams and other outlets to make sure they know we’re always here supporting them even if we are no longer streaming. We also had to stock up our cabinets a bit more with extra food and things to cover the extra people visiting. I do believe that our brains are in sleep mode or only partially firing. On that note, I’m gonna cut this post short so that we can start getting back to some sort of our version of normalcy. We wish you an epic adventure day and we hope to be posting some awesome new photos and videos of our hiking and riding our bikes.

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