What an awesome day with family

Our schedule is a little off now that everyone has arrived and since Greyhound kept changing arrival times, however, we’ve had a bit of fun already. Yesterday after we all slept in a bit we all went out for a cruise to welcome the family to Arizona. We visited Dave at Bike Barn to borrow a few helmets so that we can do a family ride or two this week. We also went down to REI which is sort of our ritual as we’re gearing up for an up and coming bikepacking trip. After a few stops, we headed over to Loco Patrõn for dinner.

We had an awesome dinner and our 2nd visit to Loco Patrõn was just as epic as the first time. The food was off the chain, we all had a great time and it was time to head back home for family movie night. We kicked back to enjoy Venom while snacking through the night and enjoying the company of one another, day one was epic. We didn’t get to hike yesterday, nor did we get to ride our bikes, however, this morning we will begin.

Annika and I are heading out for a nice bike ride this morning and after we return we plan to grab the family and take them to Quartz or Tom’s Thumb to enjoy some hiking. Everyone else for the next few days will be trying to get used to the time difference and of course, our nutty lifestyle, as the time goes by they will jump in with us here and there in bike riding and more.

Time to make the doughnuts.

Does anyone remember that commercial? Almost every day I think of Dunkin Doughnuts when I wake due to that catchphrase. Literally, though, it’s time to have some coffee and get things ready to go for a nice bike ride with Annika. We hope to be back to our normalcy over the next few days and between now and then we will be enjoying some overdue family time as well.

Have an epic adventure day today and we cannot wait to share with you how things go today by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the awesome support!

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