4 Hikers 1 duck

So… The title was just too funny to turn it down. We had an awesome day out as Annika and I went for a 30-mile bike ride into Fountain Hills while our family got some rest. We took it nice and chill as we pedaled our bikes through the path up into 96th and Thunderbird. When we reached our 15 miles out we then headed directly back so that we could get some breakfast cooked and sit down as a family before we went hiking.

It was an awesome family breakfast as we all enjoyed each others company and prepared to hike. Geared up and out the door we went to take on Quartz Trail together and it was fun. Our guests hadn’t hiked in a very long time and what hiking they’d done in the past was very minimal. We had an excellent time chatting as we hiked to the lookout and a good portion of the hike Annika was playing with the GoPro and the new 3-way GoPro Stick.

We got a fair amount of filming done during our bike ride and the hike, that 4.4 miles were just epic. After we completed the trail we all giggled and laughed together as we rode back home to have some grilled cheese and tomato basil soup. You can check out the latest video in our playlist below as it is the 7th video in the list.

An epic day completed and we’re resting up to work towards another adventure today. Thanks for keeping up with our adventures and we wish you an epic adventure day as well. Hugs and many thanks to our Patreon Supporters.

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