Our love for bikes just keeps increasing

We had an interest in riding our bikes yesterday however due to the hit or miss chance of rain and our schedule we ended up running errands instead. Since our son and his wife arrived things have been a bit off when it comes to our schedule but it has also been an amazing few days, to say the least. We’ve enjoyed a hike together, and we’re going to take a bike ride together when the weekend comes.

The slight chance of rain turned out to be actual rain while we enjoyed a home-cooked dinner at home as we enjoyed watching Iohan Gueorguiev’s YouTube Channel.

He is one of our favorite YouTuber’s slash world bike traveler. When we’re not riding we’re talking about or thinking about the next time that we can get on our bikes. We window shop every day for future parts and bikepacking supplies as we step closer each day towards our goals in riding.

Yesterday I did get to go through my Zwift setup and check things since the apps updated on my phone. My son helped me go through the steps as he watched me pedal for the first time. 30mph pedaling at almost 500 watts, my son was mind blown as he saw my legs powering the indoor trainer as I passed everyone on an 8% hill climb with ease. My legs are getting back to full function every day and I’m looking forward to being at full capacity again. As our son watched me pedal I decided that maybe he should jump on and give it a shot as he had never been on a road bike.

I hopped off of my bike and got a quick shower and when I hopped out I said to him, “put this on” as I handed him one of my jerseys. He looked at me with an “oh crap” look as he put the jersey on and then I helped him slide into my road shoes. I explained to him how to climb onto the bike since it was stationary on a Wahoo Kickr Snap and he began to climb on it. We went over how to clip in and out and then I told him to start to pedal so that we could see how his positioning was. His positioning was perfect so I started the Zwift app on my desktop computer and opened the companion app. As he started to pedal I explained to him about changing gears and that I would change them for him as he started to ride. We worked on a strategy to get him started and within minutes he was pushing 400+ watts and riding at 33mph, I could tell right away that he was my son. He enjoyed the short test ride and I deleted the Zwift ride and closed the app.

The rest of the night Annika, I and our son chilled on the couch munching on snacks while we together watched Iohan, Lael Wilcox, and many other amazing ultra-distance cyclists as we spoke about riding bikes. Eventually, he went to pass out and Annika and I continued to look at new bike equipment for our up and coming rides. The night was awesome, to say the least, family time is everything.

We didn’t get to do much riding as we have been planning so my son is going to keep me hydrated on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as I burn up some indoor miles to make up for this week and last. I’ve decided that I love to ride and my goal to reach the 25,000 miles over 2019 is something that I will manage and if I have to ride huge miles in a few days each week just to stay up on things then I’m happy to do so.

Annika and I are taking a ride this morning and at this point, I don’t really know where we are going; it’s gonna be fun either way. I will be focusing on Thursday’s Podcast over today so that I can get it ready to go live. Well, that’s the basic plan for today and we hope that you yourself have an epic plan for an epic adventure as well. Huge thanks for the support and we wish you an awesome day.

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  1. I love riding my bike, but I don’t do it to push my limits or reach targets; I like to treat it as a form of sightseeing and constantly stop to ‘smell the daisies’ if I’m not using my bike simply as a form of transport to reach a destination. Still, I think the bike and the sailboat are the pinnacles of human invention.

    1. yup agree, riding my bike is my passion. my largest interest in riding is travel, distance, scenery. we’re not into dope du france cycling or any type of riding in that fashion. we believe strongly in enjoying time on our bikes and experiencing the world by pedaling to get there. have an epic day my friend

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