What an excellent day to hike

We had an epic adventure hiking the Marcus Landslide Trail right on the outskirts of Tom’s Thumb Trailhead. We got an early start after an awesome nights sleep, Annika and I woke at 3am. We were awake and ready to roll enjoying our coffee as we realized that our son and his wife still hadn’t caught up on sleep and they’d certainly be sleeping a bit longer. After a few cups of coffee, we decided to go back to take a short nap which ended up being very much needed, we got back up at 8am.

We heard my son and his wife up and moving around so we jumped up to get things ready to roll. Loading our bags, filling water bottles and generally getting our hiking gear together we picked out which trail that we intended to hike. When we decided where we were going, in the car we went and it was time to shoot some video.

Annika turned on the GoPro and focused on some cool shots as she tested many effects. We all hiked together as we enjoyed our morning conversations and the company of one another. At first, the hike didn’t seem to be that hard but for some reason, it seemed to be getting longer or at least felt like it. I do believe that our muscles were just really tired from all of the things we have been doing. The hike was a blast and the sightseeing was epic from the beginning to the end, the time as a family was surely priceless and we look forward to many more days like this.

So we did a good bit of video and we will have a new YouTube video uploaded in the next few days from this hiking trip. The plan today is to ride indoor on Zwift and I aim to ride 120 miles minimum as my son assist with keeping me hydrated as I need munchies or water. Today, Friday and Saturday are Zwift days for this week so that I can get some mileage caught up. Annika and I made a spreadsheet to keep up with miles needed to reach our goal so that we don’t have to keep manually adding things up. As for the Podcast for this week, due to running out of time I won’t have the time to have one up for today and it will be released next week.

Huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.

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