Exhaustion is kicking in however we’re still pushing

My legs are beyond sore and I’m still pushing where I can. Lately, things around our home have changed a bit, in turn, it got our life schedule a bit out of whack. Rest is very hard for me to do as I don’t do change very well and a lot of change at once is really hard on me to focus. I’ve focused on trying to continue my normal routine however it did double and almost triple; I’m still able to keep it all done. Annika helps keep me sane while I hang on tight mentally and try to keep pushing physically.

We’ve been doing a bit of hiking and I’ve done a bit of Zwift while Annika and I both have done outside adventure cycling and hiking together. My legs are extremely sore and my mind and body are very tired. I caught myself falling asleep riding this morning during both Zwift rides, I continued to be pushing really solid and fast even when I was dosing off. I think a bit of sleep may help to get my brain back on track and a lot of stretching to get the muscles to stop aching.

We are looking at all of the things that we do online and some of them are just a bit much. The biggest example was Twitch, every time we’d step away from Twitch followers would ask us to please continue however when we’d continue those who wanted us to be there were never around. Twitch has always been a joke to us and in doing what we do and what we’re about Twitch is pointless for us to ever be on. It’s wasteful when it comes to time, money, you name it, and of course, the whole purpose of being a streamer is to ask people to sit in their chairs and we don’t want that. We don’t want people to sit at home and sit in a chair and have no life, we want people to explore outside and find real happiness in life outside of a digital realm. So yeah, Twitch is just a wasteful tool that we arent and will not be using. Now just like Twitch, we had stopped our Podcast a while back due to the same reason we’re considering stopping it again. The people who said bring back the Podcast hasn’t even heard one of the episodes and honestly its too time-consuming which takes away from long distance riding, hiking and being outside. So yes, we’re at the point of stopping Podcast and honestly, we have no interest in hearing feedback as to if we should keep it or not.

Our goals are simple, we want to travel the world by bike one day. Until we get to that point we are exploring our state (Arizona) by bike and until we’ve completed exploring it; however long it takes. We love Arizona and there are tons of places to visit, bikepack, camp, snowboard, hike, bike and much more; this will take years to do it all and we’re fine with that. We have goals to ride outrageous miles over short periods of time and we work hard to get there, sometimes life kicks us but we still get right back up and go again. Our other goal is simple as well, we aim to share what we’re doing through our YouTube Channel and here on our website. See, very simple plan. With just these goals as simply put as they are, there isn’t any more time to do anything else. Live life and make the best of every day, that’s it. Huge thanks to our supporters (blog followers and Patreon Supporters). Have an epic day!


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  1. Stay healthy Matty, both physically and mentally, you won’t be able to do any of this without your health.

    If that means cutting back on certain media channels that don’t return on the effort, then so be it.

    1. thanks brotha. im working on relaxing muscles today. i finally got zwift working right again and as you can see from latest rides ive been tearing muscles left and right

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