A much needed day of rest, back to cycling

So I had to take a day to just relax my muscles which actually was worth it. I did a bit of standard exercising and some weights while I rested my legs for a day. Dinner and a movie after a long day of just chillaxing and doing some housework, now it’s time to ride.

The goal now is to do a nice Zwift ride and to get ready to do some outside riding with Annika and the family on our first Family bike ride Sunday. I hope to get things caught up over the next week or two as our lifestyle and household is slowly starting to get back to some sort of normalcy. Also, Annika is in the workings on an up and coming video for our YouTube channel from the hike the other day. So look for a few youtube videos to pop up on our channel after the weekend.

This is a quick update as I’m working on setting up my bike to do some early morning Zwifting with a plan to reach a certain limit however lately when I wanted to reach a certain number something to it the way so I won’t mention my goal at this time.

Huge hugs to Jangro for checking in on me during this interesting life change and each day we’re still trying to get it all worked out. Jangro’s message certainly lifted us up a bit! Okay gang, time to get the day rolling. We wish you al an epic adventure day and we hope that we can get some miles done on our bikes and a bit of hiking over the next few days.

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