More relaxation for the burning legs

The burning in my legs have not seemed to stop however I know it’s due to extreme pushing. I stretch and workout even when I’m trying to sleep, it’s as if my body doesn’t want to stop. I do dream about riding long distance during the day while I’m riding and even when I’m sleeping.

With all the changes going on at the moment it’s hard to physically get to the things that we’re wanting to do; they’re too many obstacles out of our control. The upside is things are starting to settle which once it’s at a good point I can get back to extreme bike riding.

I’m looking at my indoor riding on Zwift and thinking it should be more of a minimal thing so I can ride outside more often. Zwift seems to cause a lot more pulled muscles and saddle sores than outside bike riding, also outdoors I can enjoy the scenery. Yesterday I did hop on my indoor trainer to go through some settings on Zwift. In the short ride I noticed how indoor riding feels more like a job than an enjoyable bike ride. It takes away the freedom of being on a bike while at the same time cost monthly. I do miss outside a lot.

Today we plan to do an outside family bike ride, it’ll be a short ride but it will be a nice one. 10-15 miles will be the minimum and it will be the starting to getting outside more and more.

My legs feel like they’re on fire but when I’m riding long distance outside it doesn’t phase me. It’s time to explore

Time for our family ride and we aim to have a few more videos on our YouTube over the next few days. Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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