Family bike ride didn’t go so well

To say that yesterday was a great adventure day would be a lie, it was stressful and saddened. Annika and I were ready to roll out to take our son and his wife for a bike ride, within minutes of riding we knew it wasn’t gonna work. Annika and I were going so slow that we were almost falling off of our bikes at below 4mph and we had to keep pulling over.

If I were to go in depth on how the bike ride went it would sadden everyone who reads this as it was a snail race to the point we will not be doing rides like it again. We were so sad that we parked our bikes for the day and spent most of the day by ourselves (Annika and I). We’ve come to the conclusion that we’d prefer our bike time to be our happiness and not to disrupt it.

Now that the bike ride went sour extremely quick Annika and I did get to get our car washed and enjoy some time riding around in traffic watching cars try to run others off the road, yeah it was idiots day out which made us thankful that we weren’t on our bikes during that mess. After some riding, we went out to Annika’s parents for an awesome dinner and back to our place afterward for some chilling to a movie.

Now today should be awesome at least Annika and I are hopeful. We’re gonna go for a bike ride just her and me for some fairly good exploration and distance. Fingers crossed as it has been a stressful bit and we can use a happy ride. Hugs and thanks for the support, have an epic adventure day.

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