An Awesome bike ride with Annika to Paradise Valley and Back

Yesterday was pretty awesome as Annika and I headed up to Paradise Valley and she rode the route for her first time, she did an amazing job on the climbs. We did all of the routes but the last big climb and we both had a blast riding our bikes. During our bike ride, we enjoyed the company of one another as we enjoyed the scenery of the awesome outdoors.

After the ride, Annika and I got back home to get things cleaned up to run some errands and we decided to take our son and his wife to visit Tonto National Monument. As we started talking about visiting Tonto Basin area our son and his wife arrived from their walk and agreed they wanted to go to check it all out. It’s a little over an hour trip by car to ride up to Tonto Basin however we love that area and we got to show our son where I enjoy riding my bike. We had an awesome ride up to the monument as we chatted all the way and we even stopped at Jake’s to get a slice of pizza and them a hotdog. The staff at Jake’s are always very nice to us and welcoming as they asked about how our riding was going. We filled them in with what was going and enjoyed our munchies before riding towards the lake and the monument.

We saw a few bikepackers traveling on the 188 as we waved at them while passing, they were loaded down with all the fun stuff. After passing the cyclists we arrived at the Tonto National Monument only to find out that it was closed. What a bummer, all the riding to arrive at a closed gate but on that note, we actually had a blast either way. The sights were epic and the company was great, we stopped at the lake to wander around and shared some laughter as a family, what a great day.

We made it home to enjoy breakfast for dinner together and to kick back for a movie, ya can’t get much better of a day than that. Oh and we have a new video for you in which you can see below, it’s #8 on the playlist, we hope you enjoy and thanks so much for the support. Hugs and loves to our Patreon Supporters and Subscribers to our blog, you all are amazing! Have an epic adventure day!


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