We did some gaming while resting our legs

Yesterday started by waking from a nice nights rest to our morning coffee as we started planning our day. Things have been very off in our daily lives over the last 2 weeks so we decided to take the day to just chill. Annika and I figured it was a great day to take my bike in for repairs.

We arrived at Bike Barn to talk with Dave about the chaining issue that’s been goin on with Icarus (my road bike). When we arrived we were greeted by everyone as Mary came to give us hugs. A little conversation with Mary and I noticed our buddy Chris Brannick was wearing a Bike Barn shirt. It was so cool to see Chris again and to know that he was working at Bike Barn too, it made us very happy.

Chris grabbed my bike and started adjusting my limiter screw on my rear derailer, within minutes the noise was gone. Chris immediately found the issue and fixed it very quickly, he is an awesome bike mechanic. We all chatted a bit before we headed out to run some errands, it was awesome to see our bike family.

After we left Bike Barn we grabbed a few items from the local grocery and took my bike back home. My bike sounded so great as I spun the pedals before parking it beside my desk. I got a notification that a few packages arrived so we took off toward our mailbox.

We had a pillow made for one of our Patreon supporters named BaLZarHarry and it arrived today. We got the package back home and then posted a message to our friend to let him know what we had done and to let him know it’ll be mailed soon. The pillow-is quite nicely made and we’re excited to see what he thinks about it when he gets it.

All errands had been done and it was time for Annika and I to play some Overwatch. We played for a couple hours until time for dinner and a movie, what an awesome chill day we had.

Today’s game plan is very simple, it’s time to get some riding going and I plan on pedaling on Zwift for a bit this morning. I’ll post to strava how long I ride and post details etc tomorrow morning. Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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    1. all ya gotta do is shout when we’re playing 🙂 it’s rare that we get to play games given business and riding bikes however we do play when we get a little time

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