We’ve stopped using a lot of social networks and sites

As social media has grown, changed, and some have already fallen; we’ve been stepping further away from them. Social media isn’t what everyone thinks it is while they’re giving away their private information for free so companies may sell it. Let’s break things down very clear as to how much information everyone is giving away freely.

The other day I was looking over maps.google.com to check out some routes to ride our bikes on and when I dropped the little person figure into the map I landed inside a photo of a whole family camping. At first, it didn’t really click but then I realized that I could see every person’s face plain as day versus it being blurred out on Google Maps. Not only could I see every person in the photo I could see everyone in full 3d along with their full names, addresses, IP addresses from the photo device taken; and of course let’s not forget it showed each person’s social media profiles that were linked to them. Now some might say “oh I don’t care”, well I don’t know about those ignorant people that don’t care, I think everyone should care that their home address and more is completely accessible to anyone while looking through Google Maps.

Here is a list of some of the sites we’ve left and will not return to.

  • Facebook – Facebook is by far one of the most unsafe platforms on Earth, it’s been ban from several countries. Facebook has been caught red-handed for doing emotional experiments on their users, calling their members “trash”, and leaking everyone’s information on many levels. All sites or companies affiliated with Facebook cannot be trusted either. Now we do have an Instagram account which is owned by Facebook but we do not do much on it and we’ve also made sure to look over and opt out of all of the hidden crap.
  • Pinterest – a site to share a link where someone else shared a link and rinse and repeat as no one is actually looking.
  • Digg – no point
  • Reddit – just nope, no time.
  • Twitch – What a joke. Twitch is a troll and spam community filled with some of the worst people. Twitch as a company doesn’t care about its users nor what takes place. Don’t waste your time. If you’re gonna stream Gaming simply use YouTube and stay away from all of the others trying to recreate a broken wheel link Mixer which is one of the worst streaming platforms.
  • Tumblr – blogging gone terribly wrong filled with spammers, and adult content; not a safe site to use.
  • Ko-fi – this site attempts to be a better Patreon however has no actual user base and as a paying member there is still no support. Pointless and not worth it.
  • Mix – copy cap Pinterest, however, looks a lot cleaner.
  • Flipboard – Flipboard is known for running spam attacks on websites to show fake statistics. This company has spammed websites so much that they’ve been ban from several hosting companies. Stay far away from this website as it isn’t safe.
  • VK – We no longer use VK just because. VK is much better than Facebook and a lot of Facebook was taken from VK, to begin with.

It is probably better to list a list of sites that we do use being that they’re many out in the world that we will not ever use.

  • WordPress (dot com) – Over many years we’ve hosted and built our own servers and websites only to keep throwing money into the fire. We decided to use WordPress as the platform to build our website and host it with them as well. It’s simple, no more hardcore coding headaches, so much less work each day and I can write articles from my phone with ease while staying active in the community to read others posts.
  • Patreon – Patreon is the only members-only platform support website that we use. It doesn’t do all the things that we’d like and yes Patreon is hard to get noticed by the world however it works like it says and we haven’t a problem with it.
  • Amazon – We use Amazon for 90% of our shopping, about 80% of our movie and tv time. We love Amazon (excluding Twitch)!
  • Netflix – We enjoy some Netflix in between their huge amount of crap films you can find a good one every now and then.
  • Discord –  We have a discord server for our Patreon supporters so that we can spend some time with them gaming, chatting, or just sharing things.
  • Strava – We use Strava to track our bike rides, hiking, etc. Yes, Strava has hiccups, lots of them and to be very honest the support isn’t that great but it does the job. The perks are not worth the premium fees but we pay the premium to support the growth of Strava.
  • Relive – We use relive to get GPS videos of our rides.
  • AllTrails – We use AllTrails for tracking our hiking and other things
  • Spot GPS – We use Spot for GPS Tracking with the extra added monthly fee for emergency services. We love Spot!
  • YouTube and Google+ – Google Plus is required to have a custom YouTube Url, it’s the only reason we have a Google Plus profile as Google Plus is the epic failure of a social platform. So no we do not actually use the Google Plus profile however we do use YouTube for our Videos. So we’re working hard on our YouTube however YouTube as a company is daily dropping the ball so YouTube is our (for now) video outlet though if YouTube continues to go in the direction they’re going in then we will move our videos to self-hosted.
  • Twitter – Our website auto-post to Twitter and every now and then we’ve replied to someone or had to reach out to a company through Twitter. It is a falling social media outlet that has little to nothing to actually offer other than a lot of spam. The biggest reason to use a Twitter account is so that if you have an issue with a company they tend to respond on Twitter when they continuously avoid responding on any other outlet. Twitter is another social media platform that we will be slowly stepping away from as time goes by.
  • Zwift – I use Zwift for riding indoors, that’s it.
  • Instagram – we have an Instagram that we use for keeping up with a few bike riders we support, we don’t use it much since it is a Facebook company.
  • IMDb – We use this site to share our real views on film however nowadays it is impossible to actually find a good movie that we spend less and less time on this site as the days go by.
  • Yelp – we do use Yelp however given that Yelp removes bad reviews on big companies such as Cox Communications, McDonald’s, and many others. It proves that Yelp doesn’t keep true to what the site was to be about, we’re debating leaving this site soon too.

Whelp, that’s pretty much it for sites we use other than Gmail, BattleNet, Steam (minimal use), and payment processing such as Paypal and Stripe. Other social networks or community platforms are obsolete to us. Over time we will be on less and fewer sites as we’ve grown tired of wasting time online when life happens outside and far away from digital devices.

On that note, we thought we’d share why we were one by one leaving all other sites. Hugs to our Patreon Supporters and Subscribers to our Blog and YouTube. Have an epic adventure day!

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  1. I ditched Facebook years ago due to the intrusive feel of it and privacy fears. Apart from my website, I also use Twitter and Instagram. Been toying with leaving Instagram too since it’s owned by the Facebook corp.

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