January is turning out to be a slow moving month

Since family arrived every plan has been disrupted. Sleep schedules are out of whack and no matter what things keep getting pushed back, by the end of January no matter what has to change we will be back on track.

We’ve come to the conclusion to simply allow for mishaps up until the 1st of February and no later. This way we don’t have a plan each day to go sideways. Annika and I are on an odd sleep schedule which allows our life to go the way we plan things and so far this month we’re not gotten one 8 hour day of sleep.

This morning I am planning to ride on Zwift a while, I had planned on it yesterday however 2 hours of sleep had really ruined that plan. I did get to play a little Overwatch and then clean our house 4 times.

Fingers crossed on today. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.


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