Spent the day cleaning up all social media

Since we’re not able to get much sleep lately which has messed with our cycling schedule, I had time to work on our social media.

Yesterday morning I went through our social media accounts and set them up to automatically delete anything older than 1 month. In doing this it will allow for less social history while also keeping things simple and tidy.

We’ve been more and more stepping away from social media. The closer we get to our off grid project the less we will need other sites other than our Patreon our YouTube and this site. The goal is to simply things so we use less data and net usage while also keeping our stuff in one basic spot.

We posted a Patreon post yesterday to let everyone know that our website hard drive space is filling up quick and plan on in the up and coming future to upgrade our plan.

Since our daily routine is offset during this month we’re trying to get other items caught up. Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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