Counting the days till back on the bike hoping for a quick recovery

What a month! January has been the worst month for us so far with all the things going on let’s just add to it by saying I twisted my foot. If you’ve been keeping up with things since our son and his wife came to stay with us a while you’d know that our life schedule is a bit out of whack and we’re still trying to get things to some sort of normalcy. With that happening things are leveling out and starting to get better, in fact, it’s starting to work out nice however schedule is still a bit awkward. On top of that going on, we have tourist visiting and staying above our condo which doesn’t know what common courtesy is. With these annoying and very loud tourists, we can’t get any sleep.

We’re woken up every few minutes with loud banging on our ceiling to the point we’re about to snap. We cannot wait until the tourist above us leave and we hope they never return. Now let’s add some icing to the cake to top off all of the additives that have been interfering with our cycling and hiking life. Two days ago I started feeling a weird pain in my foot after taking my dog outside. I thought it was just dry skin as the cool temperature had started drying us out, so I added lotion and went on about my day with a little limp. It turns out it isn’t dry skin and that a muscle of some sort is jammed up on the hill of my left foot which today is in even more pain. Ya gotta love it when one thing happens 10 more come right with it.

Tomorrow Annika and I will attempt to go out for a bike ride, it may be a short one but either way we’re going. Today I will be doing a ton of stretches in hopes to get the pain out of my foot. I may even attempt to ride indoors on Zwift today for a short ride however doing so carefully so that I don’t mess it up worse. Monday we aim to get in a bike ride with a little hike depending on schedule and then it’s back to work again, I totally cannot wait till things level out. Each day some things get a little better and other things some seem to pile up, we’re smiling through them and taking each day one day at a time. I’ve been doing a little bit of PC Gaming to alleviate some of the stress which has been quite relaxing while at the same time enjoying some of the TV Series “Bones” which is one of my favorites.

Okay, it’s time to get things going around here. We wish you an epic adventure day today and thank you very much for keeping up with our everyday nuttiness. Huge thanks to our Patreons and Subscribers.

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