Tired, Sore, no matter what we’re riding our bikes

Another night of not being able to get much sleep after many times of springing from my bed about the loud noises, the result was all went silent the moment I got outside my door. This time was it the upstairs tourist?

So we went to bed with thoughts of riding our bikes early this morning and as usual, I watch a bit of a TV show to get my mind to settle, within minutes the noises started. I could hear people arguing extremely loud and banging every few seconds and I heard this loud in volume over the volume of my TV. After an hour of the noise while it was just getting louder I burst from my bedroom and threw open my sliding glass door and within seconds not one peep did I hear. Within a few moments, I realized that the tourist was not even in the condo so the noises were closer than above us. I went back to bed now that the noise was gone and within minutes of me watching the TV again, it all started again, after a bit I gave up and went to our office to work.

Once I was in my chair and stated very clearly that If I heard any more noise I’d happily go have a sit down to inquire with whomever it was, all of the noise stopped. You could hear crickets in my home as long as I was not trying to sleep. I’ve reached my limit with things keeping Annika and me from our happiness each day so we are riding our bikes today. At this point, if a fly disrupts our lifestyle we will happily escort the fly from our home right away.

The last 2 weeks or so have been the most irritating, to say the least; we need normalcy immediately. February 1st we will be on schedule with how we’ve been planning to do things no matter what has to change to get things back to it. These last few days of January will be a process of elimination to discard anything thing in our lives that hinder our goals.

Once again I’m functioning on minimal sleep and I’m certain that all of the muscle aches are from stress, I really hope that the pains go away asap as well. The muscle in my foot has worked itself into my hip on both legs now which has caused a fair amount of limping, stretching seems to help a bit so hopefully a smooth ride with sooth the muscles a little bit.

On a positive note, we did enjoy watching “Once Upon a Deadpool” which was watching Deadpool 2 again with some funny splice in’s. So we had some fun time and we aim to get some riding in today. Hugs and thanks for the support! Have an epic adventure day.


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