Oh yeah an epic bike ride and we’re getting ready for another one

Annika and I got up after a fair nights sleep and enjoyed our coffee before heading out on our morning bike ride. We spent our morning with our dog and headed out on the trails to enjoy the morning. Annika and I were so amped up to ride that we just started pedaling, we didn’t realize that we were moving much quicker than our normal Sunday chill ride as some of the hill-climbs I was going up them at 20+ mph.

We rode a quick 26 miles and it was beautiful, we took the GoPro out as usual and we will have something up on our YouTube soon. When we finished our ride we went back home to chill with our son and his wife in between getting cleaned up and preparing to roll out to grab some groceries. A super-sized load from Costco and we were back at home putting everything away while spending time as a family. We finished with that and then it was time to go to another grocery store to buy a few basics that you cannot get at Costco. After an epic morning bike ride, a few errands, and a cool family dinner it was time to do some gaming with Annika.

Annika and I have been trying to at least enjoy some gaming or movie time in between the days and nights when we hadn’t been able to ride our bikes however gaming will never compare to our happiness on a bike.

We kicked back and enjoyed some Overwatch together and ended the night with some TV time before calling it a night. Now, this morning we’re planning to go out for another bike ride and it’s looking to be an awesome one, details tomorrow.

On that note, it’s time to get the bikes ready, woohooo!

Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support!

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