Let the bike riding begin

What an epic adventure cycling day with Annika and our son. We all got up for coffee while we prepared the bikes for a nice smooth ride. We did have plans to go out on an expedition through several cities by riding our bike through the Maricopa Trail but ended up taking our son through the Airport area of Phoenix. This was the second attempt to ride bikes with our son as the first attempt didn’t go so well, thankfully this time it went perfectly.

The bike ride ended up being 27.1 miles of chilling on the paved trails at a nice comfortable speed for everyone, we all had a blast. During the bike ride, we all discussed how fun it was to be able to ride together and our son had the time of his life, we’re planning on riding together this morning after Annika heads out.

Now February 1st is right around the corner and I plan on making up the miles I lost this month while keeping up my schedule so here is my plan. For the month of February I will be riding with Annika and our son in the mornings when they are around and when it is a day just to myself I’ll do a long distance ride outside. Now riding with Annika she is aiming for her 50-mile rides and with our son, he can handle 30 miles so far, and then I need to ride 120 a day for the month of February. So whatever I ride with them will be adjusted on Zwift indoor when we return home until my miles are caught up.

On Zwift I can easily ride 120 miles a day however I know my butt will be sore, either way, I am going for it. Today after our ride outside I plan to come back and jump on Zwift a bit to sort of start getting on track. Fingers crossed on this plan for February to catch up and huge thanks to all of our Patreon Supporters and Subscribers.

We’re gonna head on out and see what the day brings, have an epic adventure day, more to come tomorrow morning.



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