Keeping it short this morning

Yesterday was not a good day, it started out as we had planned and turned into an all-night search party. The morning started out like every other morning however my son and decided that we were gonna spend the day together just chilling. His wife had jumped on the bus for the first time to go to a new job she had gotten, she’d not ridden a bus before and ended up getting off on the wrong stop; the day went to crap from there.

The bus ride was supposed to take 2.5 hours and by the time her phone had died, she had been gone 6 hours. We kept wondering why she wasn’t calling us from a pay phone as the hours passed and we were getting really concerned. It took 13 hours total till we found her, all was okay however things are gonna be very different from here on out.

Given the things Annika and I have been through this month, our focus is to be on our bikes and be back hiking for our yearly goals starting February 1st, so today and tomorrow we’re cleaning house. We’re a bit too stressed out to try and go into any more details other than we’ve reached our limits on some things and need a breather to clear our heads. Hugs and thanks for the support and understanding, have an epic adventure day we will post a bit more tomorrow as we need a little rest today.

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