Thankfully today is the last day of January

Finally, January is ending! Oh my, I never thought I’d be so excited to see a month end, as February we can finally go back to our goals and plans for 2019. This month has so far been probably one of the hardest for us in some time, tomorrow starts a new approach to getting started. So much has happened that has interfered with our life plans, daily routines, and goals in this month that each morning when we wake we’re just lost in the thought of considering planning anything. Today marks the end of allowing things to get in our way.

We’ve had some family things going on which have made everything sort of unbalanced, it is still going on however things are settling in a lot more now. Tomorrow morning the plan is simple, I will be riding my bike in between work. Every day will consist of riding bikes, hiking, exercise, you name it; every part of our yearly goal in progress and in full speed. We have so much to make up and on that note, we didn’t get to snowboard for our Anniversary nor make it to Jerome to the Haunted Hotel as Annika and I had planned for a year, hopefully, she and I can revisit this next year. Our Anniversary was awesome and will always be awesome, and with our son and his wife here things are off a bit but they are awesome at the same time.

Today I will be getting things in order for tomorrow and getting a few projects ready for the month for work as well. Our work schedule has seemed to start to pick up already so it is looking to be a big year with our company already on top of our riding and traveling plans. We also still have a bit of video to work with for a quick one to upload on our YouTube Channel and Annika will be working on the full-length episode for March 1st release very soon too, this month is gonna be jam-packed with everything.

It’s time to get the day started here and we’re excited about tomorrow more than anything, hoping for a solid night of sleep to get a good start. Hugs everyone and thanks so much for the support, have an epic adventure day; more to come tomorrow.


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