Ride Puke, Rinse and Repeat

Getting the pedal going after a slow spell can take it’s toll very quickly. I started my Zwift ride on February 1st to get the month started and to work towards my 25,000-mile goal for 2019 and I had to do it in several rides versus one single ride. The first ride was a nice 30-mile ride in the highest gear the whole time even on the 5% climb that popped up from time to time as I flew up it at 20+ mph. I stopped at 30 miles on the first ride due to only having one fan to keep me cool and it wasn’t doing its job. After the first ride, I rinsed off and got a quick little snack as I rested for about 40 minutes. When I finished my short break I got back on my bike for another 20-30 mile ride and within minutes I had to jump off of my bike to puke, I almost didn’t make it to a good spot. I finished getting sick, brushed my teeth and immediately jumped back on my bike and continued to pedal.

Lately, I’ve been getting sick often due to my esophagus getting tighter. I’m due to have another upper endoscopy anytime now which once they do that it’ll be much easier to eat and breathe. Between now and then I’ll tough it out and continue to ride and push through the health issues, all will be good. This whole month I’ll be pushing really hard to catch up the miles from January so that we can get back on track to hiking and riding outside.

Now on the subject of snacks and or foods, I’ve been noticing that since we’ve altered our diet, meals are so much easier now and it is very nice knowing exactly what goes into our bodies. We’re basically vegetarians without the rules, titles, fad, etc. We eat as healthy as we can and we avoid meat at all cost. The meals we tend to have are black bean and re-fried bean burritos which we make at home, spinach ravioli, black bean burgers, black bean sausage, broccoli, salads and other things like peanut butter and jelly waffles. That’s pretty much our entire meals list, just missing a couple items. We drink lots of water and occasionally we have a soda or a cup or two of coffee. We’re not health nuts, we just like to know what we’re eating and how it affects our bodies. Afterall when we ride a lot it is better to keep your body functioning in ways that you’re familiar with so you can plan trips better with less unexpected stops.

Now other than food and the Zwift rides, that’s about it for this update other than mentioning that things are leveling out a bit around here. It’s time to get to pedaling, thanks for the support! We wish you an epic adventure day and we will post again tomorrow.

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