Our obsession with riding bikes

Yes! Annika and I are very obsessed with riding bikes, its become our life and it has brought us so much more happiness and health. We are like two peas in a pod or some may say Peanut Butter and Mango, lol; movie joke. When we’re not riding our bikes we’re looking for more, or we’re looking for bikepacking gear. Our home has bikes and bike gear everywhere, we own 4 bikes in total at the moment and we’re planning to buy two more by June at the latest.

Many that have been following our blog are aware that we’re getting Surley Pugley’s. We’ve decided on those bikes for many reasons here is a short list:

  • The bikes are steel frame so they can be fixed by anyone who can weld.
  • The hardware isn’t top end however when we need a part you can easily find them without a huge cost.
  • Pugsley’s are very durable and can handle a lot of weight and a lot of crazy terrains.
  • With Pugley’s we also get the option to use 4.8 inch wide tires versus 3.
  • You can put gear almost anywhere on the frame, so many options.
  • We love the handlebars!
  • The gearset is perfect for what we want to do with these bikes, lots of climbing ability.
  • It is about the most perfect bike for touring which will let you go anywhere and climb over anything. Very Rugged!

Now that’s the short list which covers a lot of important features, so what’s not to like. During this year Annika and I are working on mile goals as a way for us to personally work towards having those new bikes. We feel that if we want a new bike then we need to ride more until we reach a certain level to make it sort of like working for it, it’s our reward in the end.

We spend a lot of time checking out other bikepackers like Lael Wilcox, Iohan Gueorguiev, and many others. We follow their experiences, travels, and try to learn from what they use and what they have to say about good and bad products. We ride indoors and outside, prefer outside over it all. I personally love to get on my bike and just ride out far without the thought of when to come back or where I’m going to. Before I injured my leg I was going out into the void every day, I’ve got a solid reputation as a nutty cyclist who will go anywhere at any length; now I’m working on getting myself back to that spot. August 2018 was when I had to start slowing down, I’d overworked every muscle, caused hotspots all over my legs and feet; I also tore my shoulder two times. So the ending of 2018 was a slow process while I allowed everything to heal up I still rode my bike however not as much or as long. This year I plan to tear up the road and continue pedaling more and more as the days go by with no plan of attack of any kind. The basic math of how many miles per day is a basic number so that everyone has an idea of what it will take to get to the number of choices, it isn’t a number I have to reach every day; I’ve just got to have the ending number by the end of the year.

Zwifting is fun and can be painful when riding long hours so I will be mixing it up with outside riding and indoor. During this year we will be working towards visiting every city we can as part of our goal for the next 5 years to visit every city by bike, however, the goal for this year is the total mileage overall.

So yes we’re obsessed with bikes, it’s given us our health and some amazing sights to see, we love it! On that note, huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters and Subscribers to this website. We wish you an epic adventure day! Hugs from both of us.

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