Can use a little extra padding sometimes

Long distance riding with a nice mix of indoor riding on a trainer can lead to some severely sore buns here and there. When I ride indoors and in multiple rides, I tend to change shorts and have a shower in between each one. Sometimes I’ve ridden so long of a time that the pain would continue for days, it varies between muscle and skin pain depending on if it’s saddle sores or just saddle positions when riding. Point is when you a lot I take all precautions that I can for that just in case situation every chance that I can.

Sometimes it feels as if some of the cycling shorts don’t have enough padding and sometimes it feels like there is too much. I have many levels of shorts from simple liners to racing bibs, I can’t seem to figure which is best for me so I choose based on if I’m riding inside or outside and how long I plan to ride. With the little bit of experience that I do have with this, I have found that some brands feel better than others.

Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi, Castelli, REI, are some of my favorite brands and I also have a pair of Canari which do the job for the main part. When it comes to long distance or long hours in the saddle my preferred brands would have to be Pearl Izumi and quite possible Louis Garneau. Now I’m not here to review these brands or to say which is better or worse as all of them have done their function well, this is just my preference based on riding so far; besides I do have gripes about most of them for one thing or another.

When I’m riding indoors, it seems that no shorts work well for long hours and it is rare to run into another cyclist who rides indoors who rides more than 30 miles at a time. The positioning on the trainer seems to be the reason for the pain after a long ride as it is hard to get that real-world riding a bike feeling from being locked into one position. Then when it comes to riding outside you don’t seem to get that much pain from the saddle unless you’re sitting a lot during a long ride. I can ride over 100 miles or as long as 10 hours in the saddle on my bike outside and have no saddle pain or I can ride indoors on Zwift for 30-50 miles and end up with several saddle pains from muscles to skin irritation.

So yes, I can use some more padding sometimes. There never seems to be the right padding based on the ride of the day however making do with what I have has been the goal. If you have any feedback on this subject please leave a comment below and huge thanks for the support. We wish you an epic adventure day.

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  1. I thought you may have built some form of rocker for the trainer by now 😊
    I’m certainly looking into, trying to keep it as cheap as I can. There’s a good Facebook group setup where people share their designs, but I know you don’t do Facebook.

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