Hiking and Ice Cream btw the Super Bowl Sucked!

After watching the Super Bowl with family as we all watched such a travesty of crappy playing football teams and some voice over lipsyncing half time performance by Maroon 5; what a joke of the nations top event. Yes Maroon 5 performed live vocals over top of a pre-recorded show while the people at the stadium got to hear his real voice versus what TV viewers were hearing, lol what a joke as they mascarade such crap and pass it along as entertainment. The other part of the Super Bowl was the rumors of the game being fixed so that the Rams could win to cover the arena and a few other things in California however you can tell both teams were either playing at minimal or they just completely sucked and do not need to be recognized as professional athletes. The Offensive teams on both the Rams and the Patriots were playing touch football to say it mildly as they pranced around the field like paid sheep. The defensive teams on both were the best part of the game and it was just a joke to watch, such a waste of money and time spent for all who took and wasted the day for crappy cheap entertainment which was completely laughable and probably will be known as the laughing stock of football.

On another note, we had fun with our family dinner while we all pointed out the idiocy that was being displayed on the TV screen. The food was good, the time with family was awesome and the day went well no matter the crappy football game. We had planned to ride our bikes yesterday however we got rain and high wind while at the same time some drama in the household seems to be taking place every few days since our son and his wife got here. Annika and I tried to make a good day even though I was completed stressed out, we had lunch together and ended the day with Annika, our son and his wife, and I hiking The Hole in the Rock at Papago Park. When we completed our short hike we picked up some ice cream and headed for the house to have dinner together. During dinner, Annika and I played some competitive Overwatch while our son and his wife played Grand Theft Auto V. We topped off the night with some a movie and some relaxation.

Today is an 80% chance of rain and yes that means another day without riding our bikes but it gives us time to take care of some other stuff that we want to do as a family. Time to get the day rolling while we enjoy our coffee, hugs and huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters and Subscribers to our YouTube and website. Have an epic adventure day!

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  1. Wasn’t a great game to watch, went on until 3am UK time too so I suffered a little Monday morning! Glad you made the most of the company at least to make up for a poor game.

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