We got our new hiking shoes

Annika and I took the day to enjoy it right after we spent our morning taking me to the doctor. We finished the early morning doctor appointment and then decided to go look for some clothes and shoes. I usually wear Under Armor shoes since I love the way they fit my feet so the goal was to find a new pair that I liked. We were in the North Scottsdale area so shoe stores tend to be one brand per store so we stopped into New Balance to see what they had.

When we first arrived I didn’t see anything of interest until I saw the trail shoes and within seconds I picked 3 pairs while Annika was on the other side of the store picking out basically the same styles. The staff there were very nice and extremely helpful, they also made it known to us that they have never heard of Strava so that our Strava Perk for being a Summit Member would not be applied. Yup, another Strava perk that is listed that doesn’t work, just like when I tried the Shower Pill; so to date, not one perk from being a paying member has shown to be true or valid. Back to our shoes!

We tried on a few pairs of shoes and then we settled on the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3’s for each of us. The shoes are extremely comfortable and work well for all terrain. Also while we were out shopping for shoes Annika made me get a new pair of jogger pants and a matching hoodie by Under Armor, it is so comfortable. We finished our shopping and headed over to Loco Patrons to enjoy a nice lunch together and as usual, the food and staff were awesome.

The rest of the day is all about chilling, we played some pc games, watch a movie or two and got some rest. Now today is filled with me Zwifting! I plan to ride for a while, a very long while, at the same time I will enjoy some movies or a TV show or two while my feet keep the motion going. The weather kept us off the bikes for a couple days and since that, I’m gonna get some miles in.

It’s that time, we’re gonna finish our coffee and get the day rolling. We wish you an epic adventure day, also huge hugs and thanks to our Patreon Supporters, YouTube and Website Subscribers.


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  1. I am usually an Under Armor fan myself!

    On to the Strava discounts, I have never gotten them to work either. I wonder if it is more popular in Europe.


    1. i spoke with strava and they say that the perks are only website based however ShowerPill on their website it didnt work and New Balance themselves havent heard of Strava before

      1. I find it odd that New Balance has never heard of Strava. Especially being that the app has picked up traction with runners.

      2. yes a bit odd to say the least. New Balance gave us a 10% off either way as new customers, and we did get some awesome shoes. i subscribed to your YouTube btw 🙂

      3. Well that’s good! It is always nice to receive a perk.

        Thanks for the Sub! I did the same to your channel as well.

        Good luck on your 2019 goals. I look forward to the journey.

      4. thanks my friend and you as well. if ya do any zwifting feel free to shout and we can virtual ride together some time. RideOn my friend

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