Every day has been compromised

Saying that every day is compromised is saying it lightly. No matter what we have planned since January 10th for each morning or night has been altered every time. We can be the happiest people on Earth with everything perfectly aligned and then out of the blue the whole planet has flipped upside down in our son and his wife’s life that nothing goes right for the rest of the day.

I can’t remember the last night that I actually got a good night of sleep and I cannot remember the last day that was enjoyable for the whole 24 hours, it’s like an endless rollercoaster of Jerry Springer, to say the least. Every morning that I wake Annika and I have a plan in motion to work on our goals and the ending point of the story is our plans get modified, how much longer can this possibly go on.

Yesterday was not a good day as I got up after a small amount of sleep in hopes to get on my bike and ride on Zwift for hours to basically be in a zombie state through the day until it finally ended to wake into this new day. I hope to ride today however I’m so emotionally and physically exhausted that I don’t think I can process much of anything other than hoping this day goes by quickly too. Fingers crossed that we get some good rest soon and that things get to normal so that life can go back into us.

Huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day. More to come after I get some rest.

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