I did get to Zwift a little

Well…. It’s been rather difficult lately and each day we try to have hopes however it is what it is. I did end up getting to ride on Zwift for 10 miles and then I did all I could to keep my head up. Several plans for today, Saturday, and Sunday in which I hope gets to actually happen. Today I aim to ride with my friend Jeff anywhere between 25-30 miles and from that point hope for a good day when I get home. Saturday I hope to ride my bike to Fountain Hills with John or by myself whichever works for the both of us and our ride time. Sunday, Annika and I hope to go for a nice long adventure bike tide together followed by an afternoon hike.

Fingers crossed for our plans as each day has been modified and to be very honest holding a smile on my face has reached the impossible level. The day starts with high hopes and within the first couple hours that gets shot all to crap as then Annika and I do all we can to keep positive to make it till we go to sleep; then it all starts again the next day. I’m beyond my capacity.

Hoping for good things, thanks so much for the support; it’s been an extremely depressing couple weeks.


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  1. Hope things pick up for you soon and that your week can end on a good note with a couple of rides over the weekend.

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