Oh yes the bike ride outside was awesome

Finally an excellent day with minimal interference from outside influence. My friend Jeff and I went for a morning adventure bike ride through some of Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. It was a ride to enjoy and so that my buddy wouldn’t have to ride his bike home by himself, so it all worked out for both of us. At times during the ride, I’d realize that it was much easier for me to go very fast with less work as my legs have been getting strong and healing from all of the overworking them. I enjoyed the ride with Jeff and I really enjoyed climbing the hills as it is one of my favorite reasons to ride. The scenery was normal to me however still very beautiful to be out and enjoy. The time spent with a friend while riding a bike was awesome, and of course, the end of the day spending it with my wife and our awesome dog made the day even more perfect.

After a very enjoyable outdoor bike ride of 27+ miles, I went home to get things done that were needed to be done. Some planning completed on a possible up and coming project and some stretches so that my muscles can be ready for a nice ride today. Now for the day, I am planning to either go outside in the cold again and do some climbing or to log into Zwift and do some big miles, I’m not sure at the moment until I finish my coffee. I am spending my morning with my awesome wife while we figure out the plan, either way, I’m certainly riding today and I’m very excited about it.

So far the plan that we made yesterday is on point and we’re staying positive. I very much appreciate the awesome readers and subscribers who commented on yesterdays post and the ones who reached out to us directly, that meant a lot. Huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters our YouTube Subscribers and our Website Subscribers. We wish you an epic adventure day and are very thankful to have reached over 125 website subscribers!

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