We evaluate our online presence daily and leave more and more websites

Every day Annika and I discuss what apps to continue using on our phones, what sites we want to stay a part of and what sites are a waste of time for us. We debate social media, how it isn’t a help to anyone, and how much of a waste of time it is to have. We’ve started deleting our online presence from everywhere other than our own website and a few sites that we continue to use. We’ve setup up systems and software to auto delete social media post that are older than 1 month. We’ve continued to leave more and more websites as each day goes by and we’ve done this for many reasons.

Here are a few reasons we’ve started leaving social media and other websites.

  1. Cox Communication has started banning and restricting the use of sites such as Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many more.
  2. Cox Communications and other big internet service providers have started charging data rates even to customers who pay for the highest level of internet service forcing customers like us to not only have the biggest plan that they sell but to also have an unlimited data plan payment on top of it.

Cox Communications is one of the biggest reasons we’ve started leaving websites and I do believe that companies such as Twitch, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and others who are being blocked or throttled should take action against them.

Here are some more reasons we’ve been leaving sites.

  1. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, basically all of them have never brought any real traffic to anyone’s website, especially to companies. Businesses have been trying to get the traffic back to their websites since the day Facebook and other social media sites got bigger and then ending result is people click like and share and do not even read the post; we call this sheeping.
  2. Every site that brings no value to our lives we remove our profile (if we have one) and never visit the site again. Facebook is the biggest reason to leave the internet let alone to delete an account. We stay clear away from Facebook and all sites affiliated with them, however, we do have an Instagram account and we only have it for 1 reason and that is to support 2 cyclists that we support; otherwise, we have no need for Instagram either.
  3. Yelp, we’ve left Yelp due to the company removing negative reviews on companies who have severely done people wrong. The largest example is when McDonald’s of Myrtle Beach kicked out a homeless man and the person who bought the homeless man food. When this happened it hit the news and everything was caught on camera including the way McDonald’s management dealt with it all. When people started posting reviews about McDonald’s in Myrtle Beach, ALL negative reviews were 100% removed and anyone who went to that Yelp page was warned by Yelp that anything they say would be removed and all who said negative could be removed from Yelp. Yelp has protected big companies from bad reviews, they’ve penalized members, removed the posts, you name it.
  4. Twitch, we left Twitch for many reasons. Most importantly the reason we left Twitch is the staff and the huge TROLL community. Twitch has probably the most toxic community on the internet, more than half of the members are fake account; we’ve also seen some staff doing things that are against rules. We are quite sad that Amazon bought such a company, also Twitch has not brought any value to our lives.
  5. Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, we left both of these sites due to their corrupt rating system. Both of these sites will allow ratings based on if the movie staff has paid for reviews etc. Both sites have truly messed up movie ratings as a whole.

Many other sites we’ve left due to they are just too time consuming and add no value to our life. We only have accounts or profiles on websites that we use and we also don’t use sites that force the need for a Facebook account. When it comes to social media, we don’t actually use them like most people. Twitter is actually used by our website, it is very rare that we actually login to Twitter. We mainly use Strava, Patreon, YouTube, AllTrails, Amazon, Discord, Zwift, and our website (here).

The less we use other websites, the less time we spend using the internet at all. Living life is getting far from sitting in a chair. As the years go by we plan to be further and further away from the grid in fact over the next few months we will be lowering our internet to just phone data plan and no longer using such ISP’s like Cox Communication.

Okay, so now a lot of that has been laid out and you can see the only social links that we use on our About Us Page. It’s time to get some breakfast and start the day, have an epic adventure day; thanks so much for the support!

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6 Thoughts

  1. It’s good to think about value for time. That’s why I dumped all FB products, which were all a waste for me and so intrusive besides. I love WordPress and Twitter can be fun. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I look at the social media giants as training wheels for the internet. They tell their users how their space is going to look and what they will see in the “news” feed based off an algorithm that was created to keep people on the platform to sell ads.


  3. I like Twitter as it has quite a large and supportive cycling community of sorts. Plus it’s the main one of the socials that has driven traffic to my website. I leave most others alone.

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