Getting ready to bike and hike

Yesterday I didn’t get to ride my bike due to a huge swollen muscle in my thigh that flared up as I started to get on my indoor trainer to ride on Zwift. My thy muscle stayed swollen all through the day even after hot sokes, stretches, and massage. I decided to rest it through the day since today and Monday are filled with bike riding and hiking with Annika and our son and his wife. We did get some time to head down to one of our favorite restaurants “Hanny’s” to enjoy some pizza before coming back home to call it a chill movie night.

The plan today is so sweet! Annika and I are doing an adventure bike ride this morning for anywhere between 20-30 miles. When we return from our bike ride we’re taking our son and his wife out to Dreamy Draw to do some hiking. We’ve never hiked the area however it looks beautiful and they have a ton of trails there to enjoy. We will hike til about dark as long as we all have the energy, we were also talking about one morning starting real early and doing an all-day hike with a picnic in between.

After we return from the hike we will kick back to some chill family dinner followed by a night of rest so that Monday morning Annika and I will get back on our bikes again, so far our weekend plan is going well.

Huge thanks to you all for the comments over the last few days and the awesome epic support by our Patreon Supporters and followers of this site. We wish you an epic adventure day!

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