An excellent hike at Dreamy Draw after an awesome chill bike ride

Things are getting better each day around here and to touch on that real simply by saying we had an epic family hike. Yesterday Annika and I took our road bikes out for a nice quick bike ride for about 11ish mile to come back home to wake everyone for a morning hike. We all grabbed our gear, put a little food in our bodies and crammed into the car.

Down the road, we went heading towards Dreamy Draw in Phoenix. A quick stop at the store on the way for a glass bottle Coke to get my brain working better and onward to hike. We arrived and at first glance, I thought we had made it to a soccer mom convention. All of a sudden it seemed as if Dreamy Draw was the place for the Fad of hiking as I looked around to see matching suites and swarms of people as if they were only hiking cause their neighbors did. It really felt like that we were gonna hike a mile and see the Gap, Nike, or a food court; thankfully it wasn’t like that.

We hadn’t hiked Dreamy Draw before and it is very hard to figure out the navigation at this park but as you get started you’ll notice that all of the trails run into each other somewhere. It is rather weird that people actually get lost on these trails, not sure how as once you get to high elevation you can see the direction and with AllTrails you can find your way through any trail. We started our hike and I looked over at this awesome uphill climb and said: “we’re going there”.

Hiking Dreamy Draw | Adventure Time | MattyAndAnnika
Hiking Dreamy Draw | Adventure Time | MattyAndAnnika

This picture above is the uphill trail we decided to go first and yes it was steep. Everyone seemed to take the easy loop around this trail to make it to the top, as we were hiking it you could see everyone looking over like “da faq”; but yeah we climbed it and it was awesome. Watch for our next YouTube video to see a lot of this hike, I believe it’ll be #9 in the playlist.

During this awesome hike, we had some awesome family time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we only ran across 2 douchebags, everyone else was so nice. It’s all good, we know that there’s always a peanut in the turd, life goes on; we had an awesome day either way.

After a bike ride and an awesome hike, we made it home for some Benny and Junes followed by some PC Gaming and some movies. The plan today is simple, Annika and I are doing a long bike ride with our friend John and afterward, we’re going hiking again. We’re not sure where we’re planning to hike yet but we know the bike ride is gonna be awesome. Check out these awesome pictures from yesterday and we hope you enjoy the quick videos as well.

We wish you an epic adventure day and we cannot wait to fill you in on what we do today tomorrow morning. Thanks so much to our Patreon Supporters, YouTube and Blog Subscribers.

Oh and P.S., our new hiking shoes are EPIC!

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