An awesome bike ride followed by rest

Annika and I had an awesome morning bike ride with our friend John as we rode through the airport path for a quick 26.5-mile ride. The morning was very cold however the temperature said 43 degrees, it felt like 10. We got up like every morning to a cup of coffee while we started getting our bikes and gear ready to go. During our bike ride, we enjoyed the company of our friend John and each other as we pedaled through the morning’s cold headwinds. While we were out riding our bikes together we debated if we should go hiking afterward since we had several errands to run, the end result is that we had to pass on hiking for the day.

A Costco run was much needed as we went from buying groceries 1 time a month to an every week full stock up, so we went to Costco after the bike ride. When we got back home our son helped us put everything away while Annika and I took our friends’ pillow that we’d ordered for him to the mailbox to send out. While we were out shipping the package and running a few other errands Annika notices that the clock had the perfect time for us to grab some pizza at Organos’. We all enjoyed some pizza and some laughter, it was a nice late lunch. Out in the car, we decided to ride our son and his wife around town to show them a few areas that they hadn’t seen yet.

A bit of driving around for sightseeing and we started to head back when Annika said lets head over to Echo Canyon. I’d never been to Echo Canyon and said: “sure let’s do it”. Echo Canyon is considered an extreme trail for hiking however according to the park ranger it doesn’t compare to Tom’s Thumb by any means. We looked around a few minutes as we debated the map and decided that we will hike that this afternoon after Annika and I get back from our bike ride with our friend John into Fountain Hill.

Fountain Hill is an awesome bike route to take to get those legs warmed up, it has a lot of climbing involved and Annika and John hadn’t made it to the top yet; they will get there in the future. If we get to do the full route the ride will be between 36-40 miles and if not it’ll still be about 30 miles. When we get back from our bike ride we will grab the whole family and begin heading towards Echo Canyon to tackle that awesome trail.

Okay, so it is time for a ride after this cup of coffee. We wish you an epic adventure day and we cannot thank you all enough for the support on Patreon, YouTube and here on our website. Thank you and have a great day!

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