We hiked Echo Canyon Trailhead and it was awesome

When Annika and I realized how cold it was and that it wasn’t going to warm up before about time to go hiking we decided to pass on riding our bikes in Fountain Hill. We spent the morning running some errands and looking for a Surly Pugsley all to find out that no bike shop has one in our area. After getting some things done, Annika and I grabbed our son and his wife to go hiking. Arriving at Echo Canyon we started to hike the trail and after about 15 minutes our son and his wife decided they were done and they were going back down; Annika and I kept going.

First off this trail was not at all easier than Tom’s Thumb, it was extremely difficult as it states. Some of the trail we were basically rock climbing and when we were climbing down it was run, slide, or crawl. This was a beautiful experience for us as Annika and I made it almost to the completion of this trail. We had to stop going up with 0.2 miles remaining to reach the end due to leg cramps. It took us 2 hours and 24 minutes to go up and back down on this trail, when we were coming down the from the top it took all we could to not be running in some areas, it was very cool and fun.

Echo Canyon Trailhead | Paradise Valley Arizona | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika
We found this awesome bearded dragon just chilling, he was so cool.

During the hike we happen to see a bearded dragon chilling on the rock, we did take some video and a few photos while we spoke to it. We realized that if we would’ve ridden our bikes through Fountain Hills before this hike we probably wouldn’t have made it as far as we did.

We made it home to work on our videos and photos from the hike as they got unloaded from the GoPro to Annika’s computer and IPad. She is constantly working on our videos so that we can share the stuff as often as we can. We taste tested some veggie bites and spent the rest of the night relaxing and having dinner.

The plan over the next few days is to ride Zwift a lot. I’m hoping to put on some big miles on my indoor setup with a goal of not wearing myself out. Fingers crossed as I get started this morning, either way, every step is progress. Thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.

Check out #10 on the YouTube Video Playlist below to see a snippet of our hike. We hope you enjoy the photos from the hike as well.

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      1. We probly live closer than we think! Echo canyon is pretty awesome! We are fortunate to have so many hiking/biking/climbing areas in such close proximity!

      2. oh yes, i love our home. we’re in Old Town and fam is in North Scottsdale. I love your blog btw, seems we have lots in common. Best of luck on your nursing degree, thats very awesome!

      3. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m in north Phoenix, but work near old town! Your blog is fun as well! I’m not heavily into mountain biking, but I got on from a friend last year, just need to put it to good use!

      4. nice, i was up to riding 120-150 miles per ride and messed up my leg, still healing. once it’s back to full swing ill be pushing 500-600 miles a week. one day at a time. appreciate the comment on our site, and certainly keep in touch, i look forward to keeping up with your posts.

      5. Wow that’s impressive! To me at least it seems so far, I’ve only hiked about 20 miles in a day and that seemed so far! I’m excited to see your updates and more from you guys as well! Hopefully I’ll run into you guys on the trails one day!

      6. have an epic day my friend, feel free to shout anytime. so honored to have found each other. ill be keeping up with your posts every time you post.

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