Hoping to be able to ride by Saturday

Since the Echo Canyon hike, Annika and I have a lot of pulled muscles. We’re in the process of trying to stretch or rework our muscles back into motion so that we can move around normally. Too much too quick took it’s toll really fast and we’re paying the price for it over the last few days. We’ve decided to wait it out to allow everything to heal so that we can get back to it without making it worse.

Since we’re not able to ride or move around well I’ve been doing some pc gaming here and there to relax my mind as well. A bit of World of Warcraft with a hint of Overwatch mixed with a side of The Last of Us; that equals an epic gaming zen.

Saturday we plan to ride with John again and hopefully we can pedal again by then, fingers crossed. At this point it’s best to think possible and reach high.

That’s it for a quick update, more to come tomorrow; today the goal is to rest as much as we can with hopes to ride by Saturday. Huge thanks and have an epic adventure day.

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