Just thinking about riding while waiting to ride with John

Lately the healing process has taken longer than expected. That hike was epic however we pulled muscles that we hadn’t used much, it’s amazing to see such difference in muscle usage between cycling and hiking,

Given how the last few weeks have been I’m settling up some changes within my indoor riding setup. We’ve had a lot on our plate lately and in order to get a lot on miles done I need to do more Zwift than outside to catch up.

My new setup for indoor if it gets done right, I hope to be able to do some pc gaming while I pedal to help relax my brain a bit. Things have been like a roller coaster so often that it’s better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Today I plan to ride with John and hopefully my legs hold up since the muscles are still very stiff and sore. Fingers crossed however if I don’t get to ride much outside then i’ll focus on the indoor setup and prepare to ride with Annika in between weather.

Time to get the day rolling, have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.

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