Time for our Sunday bike ride

We’re getting our coffee fix on as we prepare for our Sunday morning bike ride. John, Annika and I are soon to meetup to go for an adventure bike ride together. We hadn’t planned on the route yet for this morning however the only goal is to enjoy the time outside on bikes.

Yesterday I attempted the setup to be able to do indoor riding while pc gaming and the outcome was null. The simplest plan is to have part of a day for riding and the other part for gaming. Given how the last few weeks have been we’ve been playing World of Warcraft to help relax our minds. WoW is our favorite game to indulge in for relaxation and and fun, it works well in stressful times too.

Annika and I hope to soon spend a few days a week doing some family WoW time. Hopefully soon our riding time will be back to normal.

Time for us to get ready to roll, have an epic adventure day and thanks again for the support.

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