What an epic adventure ride

Annika, John, and I had an awesome bike ride yesterday! When we first met up yesterday morning we had talked about making it a chill short ride since we were all sore and tired, well that didn’t really happen.

When we started pulling out to ride our bikes we headed toward one of our short routes however about midway through the rout at about 6 miles we noticed the Maricopa Trail on that end; we hadn’t been on that connection yet so we got on the path. We’ve continually tried to find more connections on and off of the Maricopa Trail so that we can ride the full route one day, it’s 315 miles long. Annika and I have ridden several areas of the Maricopa Trail but yesterday we found a connection that took us into the town of Alhambra and from there back into Tempe and then back to Scottsdale. So the start of the day was to aim for about 20 miles and call it a relaxing day and the end result was that we rode almost 30 miles enjoying the Maricopa Trail with John.

Our buddy John is a great friend and he is planning to attempt a cross country bike ride. He visits Annika and me on many rides and we have a blast riding with him. Recently John created his first website to share his ventures as he trains before the big trip if you get the time swing by to his website and give him a follow; here is the link.

So after an epic bike ride with Annika and John, Annika and I enjoyed some family time at home while she completed our new YouTube video which is #11 on the playlist below.

After the video was completed her and I went to have some family dinner and then to enjoy a movie before the night ended. The game plan this morning is to enjoy our coffee and then Annik and I are going for a long adventure bike ride through the Maricopa Trail to reach Gilbert, Chandler, and many other cities. We wish you an epic adventure day and we cannot thank you all enough for the support on our Patreon, YouTube and here on our website. Be back soon, we may even do some hiking and some pc gaming to play some World of Warcraft and/or some Overwatch.

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