Dang weather

Between the weather and the headaches that we’ve had to endure over the last few weeks, we didn’t get to ride again yesterday. Honestly, I’m pulling my hair our counting how many minutes more that I will be able to function at this rate as I hope each day for the peace to be able to ride and do basic enjoyable things.

I’ve reached my limit with planning anything and am allowing 30 days max for all headaches to come to a halt before I focus on any planning for what we’re working on. Annika and I did the best we could to get through the day playing World of Warcraft in between an ongoing roller coaster of idiocy. Annika and I will continue to try and focus on positive things during this ignorance that has landed in our house and we will do all we can to keep things posted each day with high hopes of progression in positivity somehow.

Hugs and thanks for the support, this post is short as I really don’t have anything positive to post other than we are working on the first episode of our YouTube Series which we hope will be completed on time. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support, I hope that you have a lot better time than we have been lately.

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  1. You need to plan for down days sometimes. The weather is going to do what the weather is going to do and can’t be controlled, so you work around it as well as you can. Try not to let it get you down too much. I hope things work out for you.

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