Time for an Adventure on bikes

This morning starts out at 36 degrees as I’ve been planning to take my son out on a real adventure bike ride. I didn’t realize that today would be so cold however either way it’s bike riding day.

Our son has only ridden two times with us so far, one was 2 miles and the next was right at 30. The ride today will be at least 40 miles and quite possibly as much as 100 miles.

Fingers are crossed as this adventure will be epic no matter the distance. The best part of today’s ride is it’ll be our first father and son ride.

Huge thanks to you and all who have been keeping up and supporting. We wish you an epic adventure day.


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    1. sadly once again we planned a ride and something went wrong. since our son arrived nothing has went good or as planned. im working on the article now, we had to move this ride till Saturday 🙁 yesterday turned out to be a horrible day

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