Another awesome ride day went bad

Whelp, once again a ride planned went sore due to unexpected grrr. I’m certainly reaching the end of my rope to say the very least. Yesterday was to be an epic father and son ride which turned into a day that I really didn’t care if I could breathe any air any longer. Since January 10th life has been a chaotic nightmare which we hope for something positive to come from each day and to be honest, this continued nightmare has been given an end date.

The ride yesterday didn’t get to happen and at this point, I won’t give a time or a date for it to take place again as every plan seems to turn into shattered sadness. All goals, plans, for this year are basically all on pause until we find out how much longer that we will allow this visit to last. I’m taking a few days off on everything to try to relax and allow my head to clear while Annika and I try to make the best of our surroundings. I know that right now if I were to get on a bike or attempt anything that I love to do that it will be tainted with the current happenings that it will destroy my happiness for it making it impossible to want to do it any longer.

I wished that I had something positive to share, today I’m going to do some pc gaming to relax and hope for something good to happen. We will be back to bein gon our bike as soon as possible. Fingers crossed that the empty hole that continues to tear through everything gets patched. We very much appreciate the support and we wish you all an epic adventure day, hopefully, things will go back to normal very soon.


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  1. You could try an indoor exercise routine of some sort to help keep in shape when outside isn’t an option for an extended period of time. When I’m not in the mood to dance indoors or power walk outdoors, I have a step that I use for step areobics, so I always have something I can do to get a cardio work-out rain or shine in or out. I hope things work out for you!

    1. thanks kathy, we workout everyday as we have a gym in our home as well along with an indoor trainer for zwift. its just been a very bad let down lately with our son visiting

  2. Sorry to hear that! 🙁

    Maybe a couple of hours of solo outdoor ride (if you can get out of course) would be beneficial for the mind. I always find it helps to centre my mood and keep me balanced. Getting out the door is sometimes the hardest part. Hope to catch you around Watopia some time soon too.

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