It’s fluffy pants day

After all the hectic annoyances that Annika and I have endured lately, we’re still trying to smile. We’re planning a few rides between tomorrow and Wednesday that will at least be fun time for her and I with a couple local friends. Today, well today is Fluffy Pants day; this means relaxing and making the best of everything without any stress.

Fluffy pants are comfy jogging pants or the most comfy relaxing jammy pants we own. Today any thing that brings stress into our lives will be kicked to the curb literally. Its the day for gaming, tv shows, and just enjoying the company of each other (Annika and I).

In the up and coming couple days Annika and I plan to ride the BeeLine together, she hasn’t ridden that road yet. We may or may not ride our bikes for a super long distance on the BeeLine however we do plan to enjoy the ride.

Now it’s time to enjoy Fluffy Pants Day! We wish you all an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.


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