Bikepacking the Apocalypse

This is certainly a topic of interest given that Annika and I are fans of The Walking Dead, Resident Evil and many other zombie-based films. Now we’re not extreme survivalist but we love to be prepared for anything.

When I first started riding bikes I started with my mountain bike named ‘Kara’. I added a rack to the back of my bike and was carrying enough water, snacks and other gear to be riding for a few days. When Annika and I ride our bikes now we also carry a lot of gear with us for those just in case moments. So, I started thinking about how to pack a bike if we were bikepacking during a zombie outbreak?

The use of a couple Surly Pugsley’s and we’d have the transportation means to get to just about anywhere with no need for fuel. Carrying the right gear, bags, and proper preparation then bikepacking during a Zombie Apocalypse would seem to be a great way of survival as well as safe, quiet, and dependable transportation that can get to just about anywhere.

I really wanted to look into the right kind of long term gear, possible foods, and of course safety supplies for such a time as this for bikepacking just for food for thought. Is this a topic that anyone has ever thought about? I know the first item to take into consideration would be water filtration for the long term as well as for personal use, something like the Sawyer Mini maybe? What kind of foods that could last long and preferred for vegetarians? Clothing and layers, tents, sleeping pads, just about any tips or feedback on this topic would be fun to talk about and consider looking into.

Bikepacking is a beautiful thing that combines biking, hiking, camping and many other things of huge interest to us all rolled into one. We’ve not been bikepacking yet though both Annika and I have camped, hiked, and pretty much all of the mentioned items just each individual, never fully combined as such bikepacking or bike touring. Bikepacking and bike touring are goals for Annika and me to do as we get to that ability, we’re currently learning the ins and outs while figuring out proper gear. The more we look into bikepacking the more we look at durability and longevity of the gear given that nowadays most products are made specifically to give out after a limited time so that corporations can continue to sell an item versus making a great product. So visiting the Zombie Apocalypse world in a bikepacking capacity, what products would you use and why?

We’ve certainly picked out the bikes that can do the job. Surly Pugsley’s are the perfect bike for what we want to do all together for bikepacking. We are fully aware of their weight and equipment, the steel durability can be fixed by anyone who can weld and the parts can be readily available almost anywhere. We’ve debated carbon and titanium but really the problems get really rough when something goes wrong with a frame, dependability over the weight any day. I look forward to your comments on this article and hope you can see the fun in this topic as well. Thanks for the epic support and we wish you an epic adventure day today.

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  1. Antibiotic pills and topical serums, Zombie fighting is dirty business. Some tetanus vaccine, it woudln’t be funny to live through fighting Zombies, but then a few years down the road to die from lockjaw. Got to keep up with at least the tetanus shots. Probiotic pills that don’t have to be kept cold, got to keep the digestion in good order. Good maps to help track down sporting goods stores and grocery stores to replenish the supplies of such as ammo and of canned beans and other canned goods and a good can-opener. Portable camp cooking equipment. Bug repellent. Waterproof matches to help start fires. Fishing gear for when the canned beans run out completely. Something to kill the Zombies with, hopefully from a good distance, and something to deal with them if they get too close. A machete, and an ax- shovel combination tool of some sort for close fighting and an assault rifle and easy to manufacture bullets and a supply of lead to make them with for distance Zombie dispatching. According to what I read in “World War Z”, hopefully Zombies won’t be able to climb trees, so for safe sleeping, some way to get yourself up a good tall tree and a way to make a hammock of sorts to sleep in. Then just remember you’re up in a tree and don’t fall out, the Zombies might be waiting below. This all was off the top of my head. You’d need pretty much what you’d use for camping for an extended period of time and then what you’d need for dealing with the Zombies. So, HAPPY ZOMBIE FIGHTING and HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!

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