The dark of You

I woke this morning to one of the most beautiful songs ever made playing very loudly in my head, “The Dark of You” by Breaking Benjamin. As I opened my eyes to start the day with excitement to go riding my bike, this song to this moment hasn’t stopped playing.

To me, this song in my head playing so loudly told me that today is the start of things getting much better than they have been.

Since January 10th, our lives have been altered and it hasn’t been the best of times. We’ve tried each day to make the best of things however no matter what things became a continuous roller coaster, we’re hopeful that the roller coaster may finally be slowing down. Yesterday afternoon I took a walk with my son to go grab a bottled coke (peach flavored) so that we could have a nice chat about life and how things were for him and me, the talk went pretty well.

My bottled peach Coke
My bottled peach Coke

It was raining big time as we took our walk it kept getting calmer as we made it back, it’s as if life was beginning to be clear to see. The rest of the day went really well as we all had a chill day between tv, dinner, and just preparing for this morning which is a chill bike ride with my son and me.


We have also been spending a lot of time with our dog as she had recently had her shots for the year and she has been a little off. She is doing better this morning however getting the perfect meals for her are difficult given that everything has to be perfectly balanced for her kidney to process. Since she was having an off day yesterday we decided to drive her to Petsmart to play on the toy isle until she grabbed the toy she wanted and ran for the checkout, lol.

Now back to today, the plan this morning is for my son to go on an epic adventure bike ride together. The last bike ride we planned went to crap and didn’t happen, today is looking to be going well as long as the weather holds up. It’s been in the 30’s here lately with rain, sleet and even 3 inches of snow 8 miles from us. It’s been a strange winter here in Scottsdale, thankfully I got my first pair of pants at Christmas or my legs would freeze over this cold ass winter. It’s time to get the bikes packed up for our adventure after Annika and I finish our coffee. I do want to say real quickly to you all for the awesome feedback over the last few weeks, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”  for the support!

The videos below are from the Braking Benjamin concert that Annika and I went to in Phoenix back in November, they aren’t perfect but we wanted to share them with you.

Now, we wish you an epic adventure day and can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support on here, Patreon, and our YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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