An epic bike ride in the ice cold wet morning

What an epic ice cold day to ride a bike with our son. The first morning in some time that something went as planned and it was fun. My son and I geared up and took Kara (my mountain bike) and Icarus (my road bike) out for a spin in the dark wet icy road at 5:30 am. We’ve had so much rain lately that the parks and most bike paths were flooded over.

We pedaled slow and chill as we enjoyed the morning as father and son. It was very cold as the temperature was 32 degrees and the cold wind followed by the wet iced roads made for an interesting adventure. We rode through the flooded paths and even crossed flooded areas as our feet got soaked. The moment we got wet the cold really started to set in.

The ride was a short one that ended up as an hour an 45 minutes of awesome father and son quality time. The morning was awesome and once we returned the day continued with fun family happiness. Now this morning we plan on taking a nice bike ride as Annika, our son, our friend John and I aim to roll out together. Today is looking to be epic as well.

We have some cool video in which we plan to share on our YouTube soon, until then ride on! Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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2 Thoughts

  1. It’s nice one of your rides finally went as planned. It’s a shame the flooding meant it had to be in such poor conditions though.

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