The bike ride plan for 2 days in a row fell through, however…

The plan was to go out for a bike ride with our son again however plans seem to change very quickly lately and given it was very cold we decided to pass. The morning, while we were enjoying our coffee, said it was 37 degrees however I put on the same clothes I wore the day before in 34-degree weather and froze my rear off walking outside. It may have been 37 degrees, it felt more like 10 and it wasn’t worth going out and getting a cold. We reached out to our friend John to let him know that we were passing on the bike ride as we kicked back with our dog for a few hours debating on the day until our son finally woke to tell us that he overslept. We let him know that we passed on the ride and Annika and I headed out for a short hike.

Before our hike, we took my bike over to Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix to have him install my new tires and tubes on my road bike (Icarus) since I got both flat tires from the ride the day before. While we were at Bike Barn we ran into our buddy Kenny and we all had a great chat before he and his friend headed out mountain biking. My tires were finished so we dropped my bike back off at home and Annika and I loaded up to go over to The Lost Dog TrailHead. In route over to the Lost Dog we saw snow all over the mountains and realized that it would probably be either snow or simply way too cold for the clothes we were wearing; we turned around and went over to Papago Park.

Upon arriving at Papago Park we realized why we don’t really head over to that place that often, however, we still enjoyed a few minutes of hiking a little of the trail. This spot is extremely overpopulated with a rotating door parking spot, as fast as you pull out someone is pulling in. Kids and groups are being dropped off at the covered table area like if they were kids being dropped off at the Mall on a movie night. Going to Papago Park to hike felt like more of a fad than somewhere to enjoy the outdoors but a quick hike is what we came for and this place is basically going forward on any of the 5 or 6 directions the trail goes to connect to the same spot all over the place; what a mess. We certainly had fun on our hike as we do on all, this just wasn’t a good spot to go for outdoor enjoyment as much as most everywhere else is.

After our hike, we went home to prepare to go to dinner with family. The night was chill and we had some much-needed family time while our son and his wife enjoyed their night together. The game plan today is simple, we’re not even gonna say the plan.

We plan to hike and ride our bikes as much as we can and hope each day goes well until everything is rolling smooth plans are simply a way of saying the next day that it didn’t go the way we planned. I do plan very soon to get on Zwift and start pedaling my rear off but at the same time, it is impossible to plan from one minute to the next for a bit longer so fingers crossed as always.

On that note, thank you for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day today.

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