A short ride but we had some fun

Annika and I went out for a short ride which in mid ride we had to take a detour. Annika’s bike started having chaining issues so we rode down to Bike Barn to see Dave. When we arrived Dave took Annika’s bike and put it on the stand to work on it.

Dave obviously took care of us as he always does and he let me snag one of his bottle Cokes for the road. Annika and I enjoyed our adventure bike ride back as we shared the soda, epic time together. When we finished our short ride we were planning to go visit REI and to check out South Mountain.

We parked our bikes and we uploaded our bike ride when we found out the the Bryton Rider 530 bike computer failed with Strava. Bryton uploaded the ride and Strava never git it, afterward it was no longer able to upload it again, this told us to get a Garmin and be done with Bryton all together. I hooked up the Bryton bike computer to my computer to do a software update and left it so we could run errands. It took 6 hours for Bryton to download the update and the company has still never replied about the issue.

On a good note we did enjoy our bike ride and our errands as we got to see a cute rabbit at the PetSmart on Miller. The day went great and Annika and I had a blast together. I plan to do some Zwift this week and some hiking, don’t forget that our first episode will release on our YouTube channel on the 1st.

Time to get the new day started, Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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