Life can be rough at times however that’s when you see the sunshine

Sometimes in life, things seem to get frustrating and can seem hard. When things get bad it can put a feeling in you that makes those things seem much worse than they are, from that point it becomes hard to see the forest through the trees. Since our son and his wife arrived it has been difficult however instead of me looking at all of the good things that have come from this I could only see the bad.

What gets me through each day when I’m completely out of whack is my amazing wife of 11 years. Annika helps me see the good in everything and when my vision is so out of whack that I cannot cope with things she is there to keep me sane. Lately, as we had hopes things have started looking up and while they’re looking up we are noticing all of the good that was happening when things were not so hot. We have a wonderful life and an epic family, this is what we can take away from all of the craziness that has thrown us all for a loop. Things just took a moment to adjust so that everyone could see clearly themselves and so Annika and I decided to make a late night meal while we chatted about how awesome it is to have our son and his wife here with us.

Things are starting to stabilize and everyone is finding their way within these tight spaces. We’re learning how to better work together and see each other’s differences while enjoying each other’s interests. Now we can spend more family time together planning bikepacking trips through the Arizona Trail and riding long bike rides together. The more the merrier is the way it should all be looked at, so that’s the brighter side for me. Our son loves to see us happy and we love to see him happy and that’s all that needs to be happening.

This week I plan to focus on some miles on Zwift while at the same time try to have some good conversations with our son and enjoy some mental rest during the long rides. I am going to try and get my mind back to where it was so that everything can feel positive and balanced. I think it is a good time to start preparing our garden again at the same time, maybe each of us grows a plant to throw into the patch. Point of the story is, let’s live life and spend less time worrying about those things that may seem bad in life, let’s look at the trees.

Thanks so much for the support and have an epic adventure day today, Annika and I are going for a bike ride; wooohooo.

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