Our bikes wanted to be pushed lol

The day was going as planned until I was woken by the crash of our couch collapsing; the bolts were lose and it come apart. After putting the couch back together, Annika and I headed out for a bike ride. Our morning ride was going great and at the 5 mile point Annika had a flat tire; we started laughing as tubes for her bike were the one item we hadn’t purchased yet.

When we realized we didn’t have a tube we decided to stop our Strava so we could walk back home. I exported my ride to Strava from my bike computer and then started the phone app for our walk. Almost 2 miles into our 5 mile walk back I unlocked my phone to see that once again Strava failed and had shut off, the app always crashes so I ended the recording.

Annika added me to her Strava recording for our walk back so I didn’t need to focus on it. During our walk we had a blast, just knowing we could easily walk the 5 miles made us very happy. When we made it almost back We stopped at the store for our reward, a couple bottle Cokes, peach and raspberry.

The ride and walk were fun and the rest of the day was family time. We all made dinner together and then kicked back to some gaming.

On another note while we as a family were out and about we decided to start getting ready for our desert garden this year. We picked out a new tomato plant and our son picked out a succulent as his an his wife’s first plant. Another day that was absolutely awesome and today I plan to do some Zwift.

30-50 miles on Zwift today should be a good start towards getting my riding legs going back to what they were. Alright it’s that time, thanks so much for the support and have an epic adventure day.


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